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Pelltech brander PV20


Pelltech PV 20

  • Capacity up to 20 kW
  • Certified  according to EN 15270:2008
  • Easy to maintain
  • Pneumatic cleaning option
  • Long life span (all parts easily replaceable)
  • Optional internet module
  • Compatible with different heating appliances
Pelltech brander PV20
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Pelltech Domestic range burners are designed to heat small and medium-sized residential and public buildings. Replacing an old oil or gas burner with a more sustainable Pelltech pellet burner is effortless and quick, thanks to their compatibility with most of the existing heating systems.

PV20 and PV30 are easy to use due to their unique electrical ignition, automatic power level selection and informative display. With its excellent burning quality, high efficiency and multiple safety features, Pelltech burners comply with all European standards. The PV 20b and PV 30b have pneumatic cleaning system, which significantly prolongs the work period between cleanings – instead of once a week, the burner needs cleaning only once every two months.

  • Fast ignition

    Electrical ignites ensures fast and smokeless ignition


    Fuel level control

    Provides precise fuel dosing and offers a graph of fuel consumption


    Intelligent Power Modulation

    Selects suitable power level according to heat consumption


    Backup battery

    In case of interruption, burning cycle will be finished safely to avoid back burning


    Low Power Consumption

    Optimal power efficiency


    Oil & Gas Boiler Compatibility

    Similar electric and mounting connections; easy to adapt with various models


    Fan Speed Control

    Precise control of fan speed for optimal performance and safety


    User friendly interface

    Intuitive and easy to use interface with comprehensive manual included

Capacity kW 6 - 20
Fuel   Premium pellets 6...8mm
Maximum fuel consumption kg/h 4.2
Power at hold flame status kW 2.5
Minimum boiler furnance diameter mm ≥ 350
Minimum boiler furnace lenght required mm 350
Input power   230V, 3A
Standby power consumption W 3
Power consumption during burning W 25 - 40
Power consumption at ignition W 500
Lambda   1.3 - 1.6
CO concentration ppm < 100
Maximum flue gas amount (at 150C) m3/h 75
Optimal O2 concentration % 8...10
Required chimney diameter mm ≥ 100
Optimal furnace underpressure Pa -6
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) mm 540x220x240
Package dimensions (LxWxH) mm 590x270x250
Burner weight (with package) kg 11.5 (14)
Ash removal   Manual
Burner model Max capacity Pneumatic cleaning Draught control
PV 20/30a 20/30 kW - -
PV 20/30a+ 20/30 kW -
PV 20/30b 20/30 kW -
PV 20/30b+ 20/30 kW


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